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KN Fried Chicken is specializes restaurant type fried chicken, but also offers a variety of other popular takeaway food items such as burgers, ribs, and boneless chicken. KN Fried Chicken has signature dishes of chicken strips, crisply breaded and fried to perfection, that you can order alone or in a combo meal of your choosing. Do you have a family with a big appetite? Then feel free to order from the Family Bucket specials on the menu to feed a crowd! Another signature dish of KN Fried Chicken are their ribs. Smothered in any sauce you can imagine, these ribs are insanely tasty and you can enjoy them with fries, beans, coleslaw, or corn. They can also be combined with the house-made fried chicken for an extra delicious meal. If you still have room leftover for dessert, they have freshly prepared shakes to wash it all down. They all sell Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream as another option for a very sweet treat.

About KN Fried Chicken menu

KN Fried Chicken is not just your average fried chicken restaurant. They serve up a plethora of different comfort foods that will ensure you have a satisfying lunch, dinner, or snack. They also sell kid's menu items which means you don't have to share your fried chicken with anyone! Family is important to KN Fried Chicken and they take pride in catering to your needs and taste buds by the variety of foods offered on their menu. Another aspect to KN Fried Chicken's philosophy is how easy it is to order online via their website. Simply visit for an easy to follow order method and a full layout of the menu. You'll be eating KN Fried Chicken before you know it!

KN Fried Chicken restaurant

KN Fried Chicken Takeaway is located in Gosport. This restaurant is open every day of the week: from 11:00am to 11:00pm. They are open to serve you whenever your hunger cravings strike! Contact them via the following methods with any questions that you may have:


1 Stoke Parade, Stoke Road, Gosport, PO12 1QE

Phone number 02392589312

KN Fried Chicken Takeaway is more than just a fried chicken establishment. They offer wraps, a variety of sauces, burgers, desserts, kids meals, and much more. You can order what you want and they will make it fresh just for you!